Magic & Mayhem

The Judas Cup takes place on the moors of England in a small town slated to be flooded. This time schedule makes for a tense situation as the search gears up for a powerful cup believed to be hidden underneath the floor of an old Church. With the addition of a ghostly black hellhound, dark magic rituals, romance, and murder, the story will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

The author has a talent for scene description and I found myself easily able to imagine the places her wrote about. His characters are written with depth, each with their own quirks and well-defined personalities. His research is obvious and he manages to relate historical facts and the odd Masonic reference with ease.

The Judas Cup is an enjoyable book that I recommend.

 Catherine Anne Collins, Canada (via Amazon)

A Brilliant Read!

“I thought that The Judas Cup was a brilliant read. I was engrossed from the start and could not put it down. I thought that the plot was terrific and captured my imagination. I would highly recommend this book.”

Aimee Rowe (via Amazon)

Friends of My Father: A Treat for All Ages

That rare event – a kids’ book for grown-ups! There’s Irish humor here but Man’s capacity for evil too. This will resonate with anyone who lived through the period; for those not familiar there’s a treat in store.”

Cleveland Herald & Post

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