Friends of My Father

Cover of Friends of My Father

(previously published as No More Heroes)


…Linnane was on me like a panther, the floorboards twanging as he grabbed my lapels and lifted me off the floor till my face was mere inches from his own. I tried to twist away but he simply shook me like a terrier-held rat as I was forced to stare into his bloated, reddened features. The blue eyes bulged and sweat seemed to bubble from his pores while I desperately squirmed in his grasp. His breath stank like a sewer and the gapped yellow teeth still had bits of food between them. I closed my eyes tightly as he then proceeded to shake me until my head flopped back and forth. With a metallic clang the tin fell to the floor. Everyone froze…

Ireland 1943. Although officially neutral no country can remain immune from world events. The finest of its young are fighting and dying in far-flung places. But back home thirteen year-old Brendan Lavelle has his own war to fight. His town doctor father is revered and respected, not least because of the V.C. medal won in 1915 at Gallipoli. Then one late spring day Brendan discovers secrets in his father’s past that sets him on a perilous quest for the truth – a search that takes him back to another war that threatens not just him but his whole family’s future.

Was his father part of a terrible conspiracy that involved betrayal, murder and a hunt for stolen gold? With his infuriating but street-wise sidekick Maura they are all that stands between the destruction of everything he holds dear… and a truth that may prove more costly than he wants to pay. In the tense atmosphere of ‘The Emergency’, with its spies from the skies, floating mines and the hated ‘glimmer man’, five crucial days in a boy’s life are compellingly evoked in this tale of growing up fast – or die!

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