Walk 9: Upsall to Guisborough Visitors’ Centre (4 miles/6.4km)


Easy to severe.

Three ascents.

Stony, muddy.

Fields, woods, open aspects.


START. 1. Swan’s Corner. Either bus stand, go to bank brow, see Public Footpath sign. Walk up here, over stile and up grassy slope.

2. At top divert right or left for 5 minutes. Right takes you to Godfalter Hill. Both give 180 degrees of urban and rural Teesside.

3. Back to track, keep on to new fence gap and through wood. Go left on a gravelled path. At fallen tree stump go right, beneath new N.G. lines.

4. Reach a stagnant pond and footbridge to your left. Go past this and then left, up a few shallow steps, then down towards a stile. Track forks right, by a short post with orienteering tag in red (8/B).

5. Track opens onto Flatts Lane Country Park. Several seats to rest and appreciate another view. Next skirt park top to stile.

6. Emerge onto Flatts Lane, go right for 50 metres, past Rose Cottage. See a P.F. sign and go through, up steps. Bear left at top.

7. Long grind up to ridge but log seat and view worth it! Behind the seat see a short post, waymarked. Go right past this and then a very old stone wall is on your right.

8. At wall end go right, past stile, onto open farmland. Follow field edge, with Roseberry Topping dead ahead. Walk on for 2 fields to waymarked stile and onto pig farm road.

9. Cross here and head down, for 3 stiles and 3 fields, to steps near the Cross Keys Inn. Cross dual carriageway and keep on for 4 more stiles, to footbridge over a stell. This takes you onto a disused rail line, now a walkway and cycle path.

10. Go left for 15 minutes to some railways cottages and the visitors centre. This is worth a visit!

11. The main road is on the left, for No. 81 bus to Guisborough.


Panoramas of all Teesside.

Vistas of Cleveland Hills.



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