Walk 8: Guisborough to Boosbeck (3 miles+/4.8km+)


Easy, moderate, one long incline.

Roads, fields, woods.


START. 1. Market Place (Cross). Walk along past the Fox Inn to traffic lights. Go left along Witby Lane for two minutes to Butt Lane bus stop.Turn right, up the lane for about 1 mile (25-30 mins).

2. Go left at the edge of Guisborough Woods and continue along track for approximately mile. This can be quite muddy after rain.

3. Come to a stile. Old Park Farm to your left. Go right, up the field (past 4 hawthorn trees) and then left, with the fenced-in wood on the right and a row of oak trees on your left.

4. There is a waymarked post and seat. Pause. Gisborough Hall is immediately below and the priory to its left. To the extreme left see County Durham, over Eston Ridge is Teesside and right, the sea.

5. Keep on, past a large rock and to a stile. This takes you via a ‘corridor’ to another stile and corrugated concrete farm road.

6. Cross road, over a stile and follow this section of the Cleveland Way for two more stiles to where track curves upwards and right. Cross over here, to another stile, then three more and a metal gap.

7. Eventually come to a narrow track leading down to a metal gate and stile. Go left along tarmac path to a picnic area and bus stop.

8. You are by the A171 Whitby road. Cross here and walk to the Fox and Hounds at Slapewath. Go right across the front of the pub to a telegraph pole. This is the two miles marker.

9. Go right, past the new Cleveland Way post for some 20 metres. As track goes left you go right, onto a singla track that slowly diverges from the the Cleveland Way route to your left.

10. You are now on an old dismantled rail line and moving through sparse woodland. After mile cross a stell and then pass a small brick bulding on the left and a cottage, right. Then cross a track with ponds on either side.

11. Keep on, to emerge at Boosbeck playing field and then the High Street for the bus home.


Shops start and finish.

Magnificent viewing opportunity.



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