Walk 7: Warrenby to Dormanstown (2 miles/3.2km)


Pavements, rough tracks, grassland.

Easy, slight gradients.


START. 1. Warrenby Roundabout bus stand, at the western end of Coatham Road, Redcar. Bus stands at both sides of the road here. Walk along Warrenby Road and over the bridge. This is no longer a viable community and the road goes on to the South Gare.

2. To the left see Coatham Marsh Nature Reserve, a car park some 100 metres ahead. Well worth a visit now or later. If ‘later’then go on for almost mile to the council reclamation compound.

3. Cross the road. Just before compound see a prepared opening in the fence. Go through and follow single track through the grass and up onto the ridge. Pause here to take in the 360 degrees view.

4. Look south, over towards the Trunk Road; in the foreground you will see a stream, barely flowing. It is fishable but only under licence and no barbed hooks. This stream is known as The Fleet.

5. Abundance and variety of native flora here.

6. Walk down the ridge and across the stream. You will see a metal footbridge ahead. This takes you over the main railway line.

7. On the far side see a rough vehicle track. Go along this for 50 metres, looking for three stunted trees by a single track to your left that takes you up onto a grassy knoll. These mounds are industrial/ archaeological relics.

8. Follow this, heading down to a stand of trees slightly to your left. On the right a brown brick building. Keep right, emerging onto the Trunk Road via fence opening. Cross here to go to Dormanstown shopping center and the Broadway for the bus(es) or opt to go left along the Trunk Road to the traffic lights and Locke Park Corner bus stand(s).


Wrap-round views.

Wildfowlers’ world.

Botanists’ bonanza.



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