Walk 6: Newton-u-Roseberry to Guisborough (4 miles/6.4km)


Severe to moderate, then easy.

Hills, moorland, woods, roads, tracks.


1. No.81 Stokesley/Redcar bus to Newton-u-R. Walk on to parking/picnic area.Turn up here (Roseberry Lane). At edge of Newton Wood look for plaque that gives the history of the region.

2. Go left through wood, see a stile ahead but go right before this, up some stone steps. Follow this track, keeping the hill on your right.

3. Continue upwards, ignoring left fork and keeping to the track, three trees to your right. You are on Roseberry Common.

4. Where several trails now cross keep straight on to a stone wall with wire. Go left, following this, past a small hill to your left, up laid stone steps and winding path to the top. This is Newton Moor.

5. Wonderful back view of Roseberry Topping, with all Teesside on the horizon. Comfort stop. See three trails; take central one to wood edge. See two posts. Through gate and bear right at wood edge. After 5-7 minutes go right, through gateway and up a slight rise to a National Trust (acorn) post. Fork left along a single track, which soon becomes a very good walkway of stone slabs.

6. Ahead see your next stop, Highcliff Nab, with Highcliff Farm on your left, as track rises slowly to the edge of Guisborough Woods. Go left and then right through the wood to the new metal Tees Link sign and attached rucksack. Look for the metal footprints around the base.

7. Cross track and ascend to the Nab. View on a clear day is breathtaking with, for once, no Topping to – well, top it! Go back down to nearby track and turn right, descending.

8. Go right at bottom, a stile, follow track for approximately a mile. Evidence (usually) of ongoing logging operations along here.

9. Where track curves right see another track diverging, to the left and downwards. Follow this for 200 metres to where track bends up to the right again. See a stile and opening to your left. Take this.

10. Narrow stony track will lead you to outskirts of Guisborough, Belmangate and town centre for buses either way.


Roseberry Topping, Highcliff, Captain Cook’s Monument.

Urban, rural and coastal vistas .



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