Walk 5: Skelton to Guisborough (3 miles/4.8km)


Severe, then moderate to easy.

Roads, tracks, fields, woodland.


START. 1. Skelton High Street. Walk west towards intersection. Cross road at the sign: INGDALE/BOOSBECK/SKELTON GREEN. Follow this and turn left up the steep bank.

2. If you wish to ‘pass’ on this first tough bit (0.7 miles) then go back to nearby bus stop and wait for a bus up to Skelton Green. No’s 48/49/747.

3. At Skelton Green road forks. Walk along Airy Hill Lane until Thompson’s Road on right. Instead, leave the road to the left (by Cleveland Way post and Public Footpath sign) and walk along sandy track.

4. Pass N.G. pylon and Airy Hill Farm, where you cross a stile by metal gate. Keep on, stone wall on the left. Margrove and Birk Brow should now be visible in the middle distance.

5. Approaching Rawcliff Banks Wood go left at the Cleveland Way post. Follow the narrow ‘corridor’ between fence and woods. Gently rising, this then drops down to a grassy escarpment ledge.

6. Two wooden seats here provide rest and a wonderful view of the Charltons, Guisborough and the Whitby road below.

7. Steep steps now, down to a stile on the left. One final stile by the end house at Slapewath. Rest here and/or have a drink! Walk on to Guisborough alongside A171.

8. Cross the road just after Gisborough Hall and walk through meadow (there is a path!) for access to priory.


Panoramic views for most of walk.

Visit Guisborough Priory precincts.

Shops at start and finish.



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