Walk 2: South Bank to Normanby (2 miles/3.2 km)


Easy going, on roads, tarmac tracks. One footbridge with steps.


1. START. St Peter’s Church bus stand. Walk to roundabout, past the police station. Before roundabout,go left. Keep on, street endings on the left and low red tubular metal railings to the right.

2. Just before Skippers Lane T-junction (at Aire Street) keep left towards the bollards. This is Harcourt Road. Playing fields and boundary road of the industrial estate on the right.

3. Children’s play area: road bears left, becoming Shinwell Crescent. You keep straight on, to a narrow tarmac track. Then a red tubular vehicle barrier. Repeat this 100 metres further on.

4. You are now on the old dismantled rail line and quickly leave urbanisation behind – at least visually. Then Trunk Road underpass.

5. Common land stretches on your right towards Brambles Farm. The expanding horizon of Eston Hills is straight ahead, with Smith’s Dock Park appearing to the right. Three more sets of metal barriers to negotiate.

6. Cross the footbridge over busy B1380 at Normanby. Five more minutes takes you to emerge on Flatts Lane. Go left for 60 metres to bus stand No. 2 or cross road and go uphill for other buses.


Shops at start and finish.

Eston Hills as constant orientation guide Hedgerows and parklands.

Locate new Teesside Link at Flatts Lane.



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