Walk 12: Brotton to Lingdale (3 miles/4.8km)


Easy, moderate, one short ascent.

Roads, tracks, stream, fields, wood.


START. 1 Green Tree pub, Brotton High Street. Cross the road and walk up Kilton Lane. A very old cemetery is on the right.

2. Keep on past the roundabout for the new bypass. In its centre there is a 3-metre Sheave Wheel, a reminder of this region’s rich ironstone heritage.

3. Walk on to Kilton Thorpe (30 minutes/1.5 miles). Pause (and perhaps investigate) the information plaque about the medieval settlement) before crossing the adjacent stile.

4. Cross the field, bearing left, to another stile at the edge of Merry Lockwood Gill wood. Cross the path of the old railway line and go directly downwards, into the wood, to a clearing and convergence of two streams. Cross the main stream via the footbridge.

5. Go up the steps of a short slope to a stile. Cross this and see another stile, some 60 metres away and then walk up a grassy to a newish fence, with Rylock barbed-wire. Walk along from the corner. Follow this to another stile.

6. Keep the field’s edge on your left, ignoring stile partway along. At hedge opening go right and follow the hedgerow all the way and cross a raised farm track. Greenhills Farm should be off to your left.

7. Into another field, passing three oak trees. Keep on, even though there appears to be no exit, to the field corner.See another stile by a holly bush. Follow the waymark across one more field to an opening, where there are the remains of an old stile.

8. Find two markers here (North Skelton Circular). Go left, around the field, to another stile at the far side.Look back here; great view.

9. Continue on with the hedge on your right, to the corner and then straight on, to a last stile, via a Public Footpath sign that takes you back on to Kilton Lane. Go right and walk along the road for about ten minutes to Lingdale for the bus home.


Medieval settlement site.

Wonderful rural and coastal views.



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