Walk 11: Eston to Guisborough (4 miles/6.4km)


Hills,fields,woods,farm tracks, tarmac.

Moderate to fairly steep intially, then easy.


START. 1. Eston Square. Walk up Jubilee Road and turn left at Granwood. After a few steps go right on Occupation Road and through the underpass that takes you under the Parkway.

2. Immediately after the Equestrian Centre go left, up the rough track. A moderate climb to the first level, where several paths are visible. Bear right, with TV masts cluster up on the ridge, left.

3. On ridge top find a grassed and rutted track going right. Follow this to the single log seat and viewing point.

4. A few metres behind you find a short post. Take this track to the left, following a very old stone wall to its end. Go right at the end and cross two fields and two stiles onto a farm track and pig smell! Rosebery Topping over on the horizon.

5. Go left. Where track curves right, instead keep on, over a stile by a metal gate. Disregard opening on your right. Follow field edge.

6. See a waymarked stile to your left but instead go along the field edge on your right (a deep, tree-filled ditch is to your left). 6. Descend towards an old stone bridge. Cross here, a wood and a stone wall on the right. Where they converge go right, descending.

7. See a track leading to Barnaby Grange Farm and cross here, onto a cinder track. Go forward to a copse of pines. As you approach see a waymarked stile that takes you along a ‘corridor’ to another stile at about 100 metres. This is just above Scugdale Farm.

8. Cross top of field to a stile taking you onto a cart track. On the far side there is another stile that goes on through a pine wood. It veers left to a fork; take right leg, track widens. You eventually emerge onto a surfaced road. Go right, descending to a farm road.

9. At T-junction, two red-bricked cottages. Go left at house signed Woodside. Cross here. About 7-8 minutes walk into Guisborough.


Views from Eston Hills.

Good views of Roseberry Topping.

180 degrees sweep of Teesside.



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