Walk 10: Lazenby to Kirkleatham (2.5m/4km)


Initial long incline, otherwise fairly easy.

Track, mainly woodland, some tarmac.


START. 1. Lazenby village. Bus No. 63.Walk west to war memorial and pass this, left, via the cut, to A174. Cross carefully.

2. Go left to gateway and then right, up Lazenby Bank path. Wilton Golf Course is on the left. Where paths fork, keep ahead until a T-junction. Just before this see a small opening in a fence.

3. Go right, down steps, turning left onto disused rail line, now a walkway, and under an old bridge (1871). Keep on, past a derelict concrete mine building and continuing on via a metal gate.

4. After mile the track ends at some old tree stumps. Go left, down a short track to a metal gate and onto Wilton Lane. Bank Top Farm is on the left.

5. Go right for mile and where lane bends sharply to the right see a green-painted metal barrier. Directly opposite is a similar, smaller barrier, giving single access to a wood. Take this route.

6. Over a stile, the trail forks; go left. Repeat this further on. This takes you up a bank and then left by some laid-along tree trunks. Keep on descending. A wider track confronts you; fork right. You should see Wilton Village and reservoirs on your left.

7. A new wood/metal swing gate. After mile the track curves right, via another new gate and a pond. Keep left and descend.

8. Then up several very old steps steps and bear left again. A single track leads down, fields to your left. Cross a narrow stell, then up through the trees, emerging from the treeline. A stile is on the right.

9. Go left. Wilton site and A174 traffic should be ahead. Walk on between stell and field edge, emerging at Mains Dike Bridge and Kirkleatham roundabout. Walk mile down Kirkleatham Lane or to Kirkleatham Village for bus(es).

10. Bus stands at Lane Business Park Roundabout and Kirleatham Hall bus stands.


Coastal and urban views.

Industrial/archaeological sites.

View over golf course.

Invigorating woodland trails.



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