Walk 1: Skelton to Saltburn (2 miles/2.3 km)


Easy, moderate. Two short track ascents.

Fields, roads, woods, stream.


1. START. Skelton High Street bus stand. Turn down at Coniston Road and then go right at the library.

2. Follow Derwent Road to the bottom and pass through a new metal swing gate onto common land.

3. Take the left fork and walk through a gap in the large hawthorn hedge. Follow the single track through a new housing project, cross the road and see a marked stony track by a solid wood fence. This takes you through the A174 underpass and into Crow Wood.

4. Presently follow the steps down to Skelton Beck and turn right (downstream) to cross the blue metal footbridge.

5. Pass beneath Boulby Potash viaduct and follow track into Rigg Wood. (There is a waterfall a little way further down the beck.) There is/should be a directions plaque here.

6. But fork left and then right at an ornamental metal seat. Follow undulating Rose Walk, bearing left (upwards) where it forks.

7. Steps take you up, onto a road (Albion Terrace), where you go right, past the war memorial. A few minutes brings you in sight of Station Square directly ahead, with its several bus stands.


Attractive woodland/stream section.

Rail viaduct. Archaeological/photo opportunity.

Valley /Italian Gardens and refreshments.

Woodland Centre visit.



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