Photo of set of Bus Stop Walks leafletsThe inclusion of Bus Stop Walks is merely to illustrate how a combination of skills and hobbies, plus a passionate interest in one’s community, can be of mutual benefit to all. The local Primary Care Trust authority were anxious to help rehabilitate those people of mature years who were eager to improve their health, after a working life that had precluded outdoor activities, or those re-entering the community after hospitalisation of one kind or another.

The PCT invited suggestions from the general public on ideas to achieve this. My Bus Stop Walks were accepted by the authority; the idea being that of all outdoor exercises, walking was by far the most beneficial and least damaging, requiring the least equipment – stout footwear, foul weather clothing and a haversack (small!). With the advent of the free bus pass in our area, I felt it appealed to that age group most fitting the above category.

Photo of outside of a bus stop walks leafletA sum of money was allocated, I provided the walks, wrote them up and drew the maps. Unusually for this type of publication they were something of a bestseller, being distributed to libraries, doctors’ surgeries, dentists’ ditto, etc. The fact that they were so colourful and free was also a contributory factor. The feedback was very gratifying, even from seasoned walkers, and I am still being asked for copies which, unfortunately, I can no longer supply. I smugly envisage most of the copies, bent and well-worn, nestling at the bottoms of countless haversacks! The reality is probably more mundane – any paper product does not survive long in outdoor activities.

Photo of inside of a bus stop walk leafletBut the objective was achieved; people took them, used them and almost certainly benefited. So my walking hobby plus a certain skill with words in presenting them equalled an increase in at least some people’s general health and well-being. What more could one ask? Writing does not mean a world of isolation, nor should it; the very nature of its constraints should force one outdoors at some point in the day or week… hopefully the former!

Please click below to download each bus stop walk:

Walk 1 Skelton to Saltburn

Walk 2 Southbank to Normanby

Walk 3 Nunthorpe to Newton-u-Roseberry

Walk 4 Easington to Saltburn

Walk 5 Skelton to Guisborough

Walk 6 Newton-u-Roseberry to Guisborough

Walk 7 Warrenby to Dormanstown

Walk 8 Guisborough to Boosbeck

Walk 9 Upsall to Guisborough Visitors’ Centre

Walk 10 Lazenby to Kirkleatham 

Walk 11 Eston to Guisborough

Walk 12 Brotton to Lingdale


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