About the Author

Shaun Ivory, author of thrillersShaun Ivory now lives in an English seaside town not unlike Bray, County Wicklow, where he was born and grew up until the age of 16, when he joined the RAF. In a varied and often colourful life he has travelled most of the world; worked in several countries, experiencing the heat of the Middle East and the cold of the North Sea’s oil rigs. He has attended non-graduate courses at two universities, Caius College, Cambridge and Leeds.

He likes to winter in Spain while he still can and visit his extended family in Ireland annually. In between, he and his wife Edith travel and cruise. His writing career has been just as extensive, with moderate success in most genres, also writing for TV and broadcasting for radio – BBC and RTE’s Sunday Miscellany. A co-founder of the local Writers’ Group he also compiles walking guides for the local authority. A frequent contributor to Ireland’s largest circulation weekly and monthly magazine, Ireland’s Own, he also provides ideas for an award-winning international strip cartoonist.

Just retired (again!) from 20 years of charity work, especially at the regional main hospital and helping organize the local retired men’s forum. He was a qualified Literacy Aid teacher and deplores declining levels of literacy. He manages to tend the garden when the weather allows and is – of course – a prolific reader, with several books always on the go. Still goes to the cinema – while concessions apply!

He has produced six novels. His first, Chainshot, was torpedoed by one Tom Clancy, with his Hunt for Red October, undoubtedly superior. Licking his literary wounds he went back to articles and short stories, with moderate success. On retiring from ICI he took a year’s Novel Writing course with Leeds University. This was the inspiration for his published supernatural thriller, The Judas Cup, garnering 4*- 5* reviews. With Friends of My Father, he sought and achieved similar success. His current project is much more ambitious – a series of books chronicling the life of one man, Conor O’Farrell. Following his life from birth in mid-Atlantic as his parents flee Ireland and the Great Famine we stay with him through the American Civil War, the Wild West, working undercover for the Pinkerton Detective Agency and on to early Hollywood movies. The first three books in the series: Duty and Dishonor, Killing Kiowas and Bad Company are all in paperback and ebook format. These, too, have been well received.

As a change of pace and before starting Book 4, (No More Heroes), Shaun has just published a childhood memoir titled It Hardly Ever Rained and has a BBC Radio 4 play provisionally titled Hold Back The Night simmering on the back burner.

Retiring? Only by nature! With all the foregoing plus a wife, two children and six grandchildren, one great-grandchild he’d love to know how one can.


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